Running Buddies: Yay Or Nay

Post #2!

After thinking about it during my 4 mile run today I finally decided that todays topic is….*drumroll please*

Running Buddies!

Here’s a list of my personal pros and cons of having a running buddy.


Pro: The most obvious perk of having a running buddy is having their company. They offer a distraction and make that 5 mile run go that much faster.

Con: Personally I don’t like having a conversation mid-run, but I know people who will talk throughout their entire run. So I need a running buddy who’s okay with my silence.


Pro: Having a set time to meet your running buddy can give you that extra kick in the morning to get out of bed and lace up your shoes.

Con: You have to get out of bed.


Pro: If your running buddy has a faster pace than you, it can push you to PRs. I accomplished my half marathon PR due to my running buddy that race, shedding over 9 minutes off my last race.

Con: This can put you in a dangerous situation where you’re pushing yourself too hard. Or if your running buddy has a slower pace than you it can add time to your runs.

Mixes it up

Pro: For someone like me who spends most of their time on a treadmill, this can add a change of pace and scenery

Con: Like I said, I like my treadmill, it can be hard to get me off of it. What can I say…I like my routine


Pro: If you’re a young woman like myself, having a running buddy is a way safer option. This is why I often opt for the treadmill, there just aren’t that many safe paths near my school. But get yourself a running buddy and keep each other safe!

Not much of a con here…


Pro: You might gain an extra water break or two when your running buddy needs to tie their shoe or take a bathroom break mid-race, and vice versa

Con: This could add time to your race

Featured running buddy of today’s post is my boyfriend. I finally convinced him to run a couple 5ks with me this summer(fingers crossed we can get that milage up). He is about the only person I will run with. Our paces match up almost perfectly (probably because his pride is too big to admit that he needs a break) plus he doesn’t mind my no talking rule(:

Thanks for reading(:

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