Race Recap: Distance 4 Dreams Minnie 5k

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Last night at about 9:30 I stumbled upon a 5k that was going on at my University this morning. So of course I had to sign up.

Which means today is a #racerecap on the Distance 4 Dreams Minnie 5k!

First for some background info…

Distance 4 Dreams is a service club here on campus that fundraises to sponsor the wish of a local child with a life-threatening disease. The money raised is used to send this child to the Give Kids the World Village through a Special Wish Foundation. Then for the week they are given passes to the central Florida theme parks such as Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios. In addition to fundraising, Distance 4 Dreams goes down to Florida and visits with the child they sent, and also participates in the half marathon, marathon, and goody challenge.

Even though I’m not apart of this club, I get their updates and when I got the last minute email for the race, I had to sign up. I think this is such a good cause, plus I can never pass up the opportunity to run a cheap 5k. (plus I got a snazzy t-shirt)

When I showed up this morning there was a grand total of 9 runners, and by the time the race started I would say there was closer to 20. Definitely a tiny tiny race(which is unfortunate for their club), but the volunteers still gave it their all (definitely more volunteers than runners). But with Disney music blasting, every one seemed happy to be there.

On campus 5k’s always follow the same route every time, which for me gets repetitive. It’s definitely the efficient way to go instead of remeasuring each time. But as a runner, I hate knowing where each hill is and how much further I have to go. (in my opinion Ohio is too hilly)

It was pretty cloudy in the morning, with rain in the forecast. But even though it was close to 70 degrees out, it felt cooler with the wind. (which was both a plus and a minus).

I started running with a friend I met at the beginning, and quickly fell behind. But with the fact that there was only 2o people running pushed me to make sure I didn’t cross that finish line last. And I didn’t. I finished in the lower half of the race, but had a great personal time of 28:51.

Being such a small race, there were no medals, or bibs, but there were gift cards for the overall winners (which is always a coveted prize to college students). Plus we were rewarded with water, bananas, and Panera bagels.

It was a much smaller race than I’m used to, but I loved being apart of it and will definitely be running it in years to come.

Short blog post today, but check out my cool shirt below

Thanks for reading(:

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