Why Fall is the Best Season for Running

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Happy 1-week-iversary everybody!!

*pause for mini dance party*

Starting a new blog can be totally intimidating and daunting. But 1 week in and I’m feeling good. I just have to keep reminding myself to keep posting.

Now onto today’s topic:

Running and Fall

Today’s milage was an easy 3 miles. Or so it was supposed to be.

After knocking some homework out I grabbed my headphones ready to get those miles done. I headed over to the rec, finessed my way to my favorite treadmill, and started my workout. I set my weight, speed, and distance, then started. 1 mile in I was ready for a water break but when I tried to slow my speed, it wouldn’t let me. “Desperately” needing my water, I stopped my workout deciding, okay I’ll just reset the treadmill. But it happened again, my treadmill wouldn’t let me manually enter my speed, even though I was on the manual setting.

Frustrated that the treadmill wouldn’t do what I wanted to do, I decided I had enough. But instead of giving in and calling it a day I decided since the weather was so nice, I’d finish off the last 2 miles around the track.

What a beautiful day.

Finally, it’s beginning to feel like fall, and I’m so happy I took advantage of it (especially since it’s supposed to be back to the mid 70s in a couple days)

Running around the track gave me time to appreciate all the reasons fall is the best season for running.

  1. Race Season: Each weekend has 8 million different races for every distance. Whether it’s a friendly fundraiser, a haunted half marathon, or a turkey trot, there will be no shortage of race opportunities in the fall.
  2. Great Weather: Who else is tired of 80 degree weather in October? Me me me me me! It’s finally beginning to cool off and feel like the fall season we all love and miss.
  3. Beautiful Scenery: Nothing is better than running through a nice trail under miles of colorful trees. The changing leaves is just one of the many perks of fall.
  4. Less Sweat!: Gross but true. No more returning from a run dripping in sweat. The cool weather keeps the sweating to a minimum.
  5. Free to Run at Any Time: No more avoiding the dreaded heat of the day. Enough said.
  6. Morning Runs in Actual Daylight: Thank you daylights savings for opening up morning runs. Lighter and brighter mornings make morning runs more inviting.
  7. Layers Layer Layers: Lately my favorite outfit has been a good ole pair of running leggings and a quarter zip. Which means I don’t even need to change before my afternoon run. Plus layering these clothes up can be suuuuperrrr comfy.
  8. Holiday Motivation: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas? More like candy, turkey, and carbs. Thinking about how much food is easily available during this wonderful season makes that turkey trot before dinner a little more appealing.

Go take advantage of this weather and get a mile or two in before it’s too late.

Thanks for reading(:

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