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Half Marathons: As Told By Songs

Post #8

Happy Thursday to everyone! Just a little training recap before we get to the fun stuff. Yesterday I took a nice 4 Mile run through a new trail I found. It starts right in campus and loops through a nice forest, right next to town. I admit, I was a little apprehensive to try this being a younger woman. Running through a forest alone isn’t always the smartest idea. I spent the first mile constantly looking around me, gripping my keys in my hand. BUT once I started to relax a little I noticed all the dog walkers, runners, and friendly faces. I even ran into a friend from class. Seems like I’ve found a new nice little trail to use.


I’ve been thinking more and more about my upcoming half marathon and have been spending some time reflecting on my past races. I knew I wanted to write about them today but didn’t know how. Then I decided, why bore everyone with my writing when I can use the power of music.

So here goes, Half Marathons: As described by song titles. They’re pretty self explanatory. Plus you might want to add a few of them to your next running playlist.  Continue reading

13 Facts about Friday the 13th

Blog #4!!!

Friday the 13th has put me in a spooky mood. Especially it being October. And if you’re anything like me, you’re going to spend the night watching some scary movies.

Here are 13 Facts about Friday the 13th if you weren’t already spooked enough on this notoriously unlucky day.  Continue reading

Motivational Quotes for an Unmotivational Day

Post #3

Today is a rest day, which means no running. And although I’d normally jump at the idea of not having to lug myself over to the gym, today it has just put me in a rut.

So I’ve spent my afternoon looking for some kind of motivation to get me up out of bed and out to do something. My never-failing secret to motivation is getting lost in a thread of Pinterest quotes.

So here are some of my favorite Motivational Quotes for an Unmotivational Day (yes mom I know unmotivational isn’t a word) Continue reading