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Half Marathons: As Told By Songs

Post #8

Happy Thursday to everyone! Just a little training recap before we get to the fun stuff. Yesterday I took a nice 4 Mile run through a new trail I found. It starts right in campus and loops through a nice forest, right next to town. I admit, I was a little apprehensive to try this being a younger woman. Running through a forest alone isn’t always the smartest idea. I spent the first mile constantly looking around me, gripping my keys in my hand. BUT once I started to relax a little I noticed all the dog walkers, runners, and friendly faces. I even ran into a friend from class. Seems like I’ve found a new nice little trail to use.


I’ve been thinking more and more about my upcoming half marathon and have been spending some time reflecting on my past races. I knew I wanted to write about them today but didn’t know how. Then I decided, why bore everyone with my writing when I can use the power of music.

So here goes, Half Marathons: As described by song titles. They’re pretty self explanatory. Plus you might want to add a few of them to your next running playlist.  Continue reading