Motivational Quotes for an Unmotivational Day

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Today is a rest day, which means no running. And although I’d normally jump at the idea of not having to lug myself over to the gym, today it has just put me in a rut.

So I’ve spent my afternoon looking for some kind of motivation to get me up out of bed and out to do something. My never-failing secret to motivation is getting lost in a thread of Pinterest quotes.

So here are some of my favorite Motivational Quotes for an Unmotivational Day (yes mom I know unmotivational isn’t a word)

Discipline can be appliedĀ to so many different areas of your life. Don’t eat that extra cookie, go to bed an hour earlier, run that extra mile. I’ve been cracking down on myself during the last week to really stick to my training schedule. It being midterm week, I have plenty of excuses to not go run. But I’ve really kicked myself to just get those miles done. It’s hard. It takes discipline. But I’ve stayed on track (and for that I get an extra cookie)

Positivity is something I have been trying to incorporate more into my life. I recently read an article that focused on how to add simple positive habits to your daily life. One thing that really resonated with me was replacing “Sorry” with “Thank you”. An example of this is instead of saying “I’m sorry for being late” say “Thank you for waiting for me”.

Failure has such a negative connotation to it. I mean…of course there is…failure isn’t a positive word. Nobody wants to get a paper back marked with a big, fat, red, F. But I feel as if there should be less time focusing on failures, and more time focusing on what you’re going to do next time. Failures aren’t telling you to give up, they’re telling you to keep trying. From failures you learn how to improve. It might be discouraging at first, but ultimately failures are simply learning experiences.

This is something I believe I learned from my mom. Ever since I was little I’ve always had the “never let someone sit alone at lunch” trait. And I attribute this to what my mom taught me as a kid. No one deserves to be treated as lesser. So don’t let them have a chance to feel like that. Be that person who makes everybody feel like a somebody. Even if it’s simply giving a smile to a stranger passing by.

This last quote I’m connecting back to this blog. For the longest time I’ve wanted to have my own blog. Earlier this week I finally convinced myself to start one, and I haven’t been able to get it off my mind. All I want to do is write more posts and find more ways to make it better. Don’t let aspirations be just dreams, make them a reality.

Not exactly a Motivational Monday, maybe a Motivational Thursday?

Anyways… Thanks for reading(:

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