Long Run Recap 10/21

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Nothing fancy today, just a general recap of how today’s run went.

(I use the Runtastic app to track all of my runs^^ The free version tracks your speed, pace, calories, time, elevation, and then shows you on a map where your fastest speeds were(red) and slowest(green))

I was going to run another 5k on campus this weekend but it clashed with my Saturday long run. So instead I opted for getting up at 7am to go run 6 miles.

That’s right, 7am on a Saturday morning. Walk out on a college campus any time before 10 on a Saturday and it’s dead mans land.

After a quick stretch and a Cliff bar and half a banana, I was pretty much ready to go. (p.s. I hate bananas) I grabbed my running belt and headed out.

I walked to the beginning of the new trail I found and started my 6 miles

It took me a grand total of .5 seconds to realize I forgot gum. So I started out pretty grumpy. I never ever run without gum. EVER!!!!!! (**funny side note at bottom) But I didn’t want to walk all the way back to my dorm and mess up my schedule.

Despite this minor (*cough* major) setback, it being a chilly 50-some degrees out, I was happy as a clam. I could just barely see my breath and and my finger tips were turning numb. But for me this is perfect running weather. I love feeling that chill across my body as I run.

Oh boy I was pumped. I ended up running straight to the end of the trail, about 2 miles from campus. I gave myself a break as I tried to figure out where to go. If I turned back then I would only have 4 miles done. I ended up back tracking a lot and repeating parts I had already run.

One thing that happened to me today was that kept running into the same two runners. I shouldn’t have been surprised, they were probably just doing exactly what I was doing, back tracking and repeating parts of the trail. But for some reason I kept feeling self conscious about it. As if I should explain what I was doing, and that no I wasn’t just an especially slow runner.

Then I realized this happens to me a lot. I tend to feel defensive about how I run. I actually tell a lot of people who ask me about my running these things

“I’m a slow runner but it’s because I run long distance”

“My feet kick out when I run because I have knee problems”

“I’ve been running shorter distances because I’m coming back from an injury”

But why?

I ran 6 freakin miles today. Regardless of how long it took me, regardless of how bad I may have looked running it, regardless of how long it has taken me to get back to running 6 miles.


And I’m pretty darn happy about that.

And the plan is to only go up from here, no matter how long it takes.

Thanks for reading(:


During the summer I was running a 5k with my boyfriend. As we were in our corral waiting to start, we started jumping around and stretching. I had just mentioned how thank goodness we already had gum because I forgot the extra gum I had packed in the car. No more than 2 minutes later, my boyfriend opened his mouth to talk right as the starting gun rang out and out falls his gum onto the gravel path. OF COURSE! (better him than me) I could not stop laughing at him. When I remembered my forgotten gum this morning I thought right back this moment and laughed out loud.

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