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I’m a bad person, I haven’t run in two days. Plus I got a shake today. But OH WELL.

I’m hardcore procrastinating my running so……Here’s a review of my favorite health apps! 


This is by far my favorite app for running. I have the free version and I love it. To use it all you have to do is press start. Then it starts the timer and it starts tracking your distance. You can pause or finish your workout at any time. Once the workout is finished you can see your distance, the duration, your calories, plus your average pace and speed, max speed, and elevation gain and loss. Then one of my favorite aspects is the map it gives you that shows you the path you took. The red signifies your fastest areas and the green signifies the slower areas. There’s a history tab that lets you look back on all your past runs, a statistics tab that shows you all your activity for the month, and if you follow other people it will show up on the leader board, groups, and the news feed. The one thing I don’t like about this app is that since I run on the treadmill so often, there’s no way to keep track of it. Plus it sends you little reminders when you don’t run to go run. That get’s annoying when I just get done with a 5 mile run on the treadmill and its like, go be active! But def recommend.


Sweatcoin is a relatively new app to my collection. The way it works is it tracks your steps and converts them into “sweat coins”. It only works for the steps you take outside and for every 1,000 steps, you receive .95 coins. Once you earn enough coins you can start spending it on offers. These offers are basically discounts off the products offered. The point of the app is to get rewarded for working out. Personally, it makes me more conscious of how much I’m walking and I make the effort to go out and walk more. My boyfriend and I like to make a competition out of it. (I’m losing and I’m upset)

Health App

Everyone has the health app on their phone but I like it because it keeps a more accurate description of how far you’re walking in a day, plus the flights climbed. I usually check this a couple times a day just to feel inspired to walk more.

Thanks for reading this boring post(:

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